Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our last camping trip of the year!

We decided to go camping before the weather got to cold to do so. We had a blast! We arrived at the camp site about noon; when we arrived we realized we forgot all our cooking supplies. The day was not hot and the night was not cold it was great. The only down side was the tree right over our tent had tons of squirrels in it. I think the squirrls had a blast throwing things at us because I could swear everything that fell headed right for me. We ate hotdogs for lunch (it's a good thing hotdogs don't need to be hot to eat them). Bobby tried to start a fire as soon as we got to the camp site. I don't know what he was doing wrong but the fire would not stay lit. He was on the hunt for sticks, twigs, and tree limbs (it was fun to watch). He finally got the fire to stay lit about 10pm.

This is Bobby's fire. As you can see it was big and it was about as tall as ME. Then he had the hardest time putting it out. It was really funny.

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