Friday, November 14, 2008


Bobby surprised me with tickets to go see Mercyme. It is Christan Gospel music and it is awesome. This is Bebo Norman and he opened up for Mercyme. He sang beautifully.

This is Nathan Cochran and he is the bass player for Mercyme. He also has his own band called Diving Blind. He played a song for us called Beautiful, and it was!

This is the band Mercyme and Bart Millard is the lead vocalist. He sings wonderful; it is very touching. He is all over the place in his music. He sings rock and country, and everything else but rap. I am so glad we went. We sat in the third row (awesome). Good times!
The song that really made Mercyme famous was "I Can Only Imagine"
check them out if you have time to jam

Watch Out Again! Whoops!

Bobby has taken on yet another hobby. I took this picture while he was practicing in the back yard. Our backyard faces another backyard and the only thing dividing it is the chain link fence and some bushes. There is always a dog (pest) in the other yard that never stops barking when someone goes outside. As Bobby continued to practice he unfortunately lost an arrow and the dog mysteriously stopped barking. I am not saying he committed a crime but it did cross my mind. whoops!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here is an ugly green thing that was on one of my spider decorations. I tried to kick it put it looked like it wanted to attack.

Aiyana was a Vampire for Halloween. She has an obsession with Vampires because of the Twilight books. (Thanks alot Stephenie Meyer) She has read all the books and then read them again.

Amaris was a pirate. She looks so cute.

The girls were glad to be home. We went trick or treating for the first time in a long time. We usually go trunk or treating and then come home and give out candies. The weather was so nice it was in the 70's so the kids were running around bare footed.

Everybody watch out!

We are teaching Aiyana how to drive. She is doing much better. We take her to the State Park and let her drive around there. She has started taking off with out us slamming our heads against the head rest. She has also started to come to a perfect stop without us being propelled forward. For some reason she can turn to the right really well but it's SCARY when she turns to the left. We need all of your prayers (please and thank you).

Trip to the Zoo

My sister and I took our kids to the Lincoln Zoo in Chicago. It was Debbie's (my niece) birthday and she wanted to see some animals for her birthday. The weather was so nice and the animals looked like they were enjoying the day as well. The best part of the Lincoln Zoo is that it is absolutely free.
Here are the kids with ther rest of the ape family.

Happy Birthday to me

On my birthday I didn't want to do anything but turn on some spanish music (really loud) and dance with Bobby and the girls. We had a good time. Bobby sent me some flowers to work and took me out to eat. They suprised me with cake when we got home. I got a wooden shoe organizer for my many many shoes. It is just what I wanted. My shoes look sooo good. I love it!

Our last camping trip of the year!

We decided to go camping before the weather got to cold to do so. We had a blast! We arrived at the camp site about noon; when we arrived we realized we forgot all our cooking supplies. The day was not hot and the night was not cold it was great. The only down side was the tree right over our tent had tons of squirrels in it. I think the squirrls had a blast throwing things at us because I could swear everything that fell headed right for me. We ate hotdogs for lunch (it's a good thing hotdogs don't need to be hot to eat them). Bobby tried to start a fire as soon as we got to the camp site. I don't know what he was doing wrong but the fire would not stay lit. He was on the hunt for sticks, twigs, and tree limbs (it was fun to watch). He finally got the fire to stay lit about 10pm.

This is Bobby's fire. As you can see it was big and it was about as tall as ME. Then he had the hardest time putting it out. It was really funny.

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